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Proven Weight Loss Programs in Everett, WA

Professional Weight Loss & Management Program
Sue Ellen Longwell in Everett, Washington, chooses proven program to help you loss the weight you need, maintain your ideal weight to ensure good health.
Sue Ellen Longwell teaches you how to take control. No starving and no danger. Shed Fat and not water from your body. It's not just losing weight but learn how to keep it off for good.
Weight Loss
1. Transformations Therapy
Weight Management - Weight Loss Therapy in Everett, WA
2. Ultra Lite Program
Ultra Lite Program is designed to provide you with virtually all the necessary amounts of protein (high quality), carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids in proper balance. You can lose 5 to 10 lbs. in the first week and up to 5 lbs. a week thereafter if you follow the program correctly. The program will help to increase your metabolism and provide you with all the necessary nutrients to ensure good health and well-being as you lose weight.
3. Hypnosis Makes it Easy
My unique hypnosis technique makes it so easy. Hypnosis is completely safe. It is not like what you see on TV drama. You are aware and in control at every moment and can terminate the session at any time. Hypnosis is not sleep, nor can you get "stuck" in a state of hypnosis. You cannot be made to do something against your will! Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable experience.
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