Sue Ellen Longwell
2905A Hewitt Ave
Everett WA 98201

Certified Counselor and Therapist in Everett, WA

Sue Ellen Longwell

Certified Counselor in Everett, Washington
Break free from the struggles that plague your life with help from Sue Ellen Longwell in Everett, Washington, providing personal therapy and counseling.
Counseling & Therapy Services
Since 1994, Sue Ellen Longwell has been counseling at the same location. In addition to being certified in the State of Washington, she is also certified in Neuro-Linguistic Therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy®, weight loss, and smoking cessation.
Her degree focus was in counseling and the use of art as therapy. Sue has completed a two-year internship at Providence Hospital, Child Protective Services, and Fred Hutchinson Bone Marrow Transplant Research Center and Service Alternatives.
Counseling & Therapy Services
  • Personal Development
  • Motivation Counseling
  • Communication Skills
  • Removing of Obstacles, Such as:
  • Phobias & Anxiety
  • Stress & Depression
  • Social Skills
  • Help with Grief
  • Help with Sports Performance
Therapy Services include:
  • Smoking Cessation Hypnosis
  • Weight Loss
    (Transformation Therapy)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
Call Sue Ellen Longwell office at (425) 252-5804
when you’re tired of letting obstacles get in the way of your life goals.